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Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) is the leading cause of death in Australia.1


Heartscan Australia

Heartscan Australia was established in 2011. We are a group of subspecialty-trained radiologists and cardiologists providing dedicated cardiac (heart) imaging services using the latest equipment including CT, nuclear medicine and MRI. We provide expert analysis in a collegiate professional environment.

Expert analysis:

Studies are co-reported by Westmead  and other teaching hospitals and local cardiologists. All studies are dual read by the highest level obtainable accredited cardiologists and radiologists ensuring comprehensive expert reports. With many years of collective experience and our team reporting several thousand CTCAs each year , you can be assured of diagnostic accuracy. We also have regular CTCA- Coronary angiogram correlation meetings to further ensure diagnostic accuracy and best practice.


Collegiate environment and continuing Education:

Several of our reporting Cardiologists and our principal CTCA radiologist, Dr O’Rourke are also keenly involved in teaching. 11 years ago, they Co-founded and are the directors of Heartscan Institute. This is a faculty of local, interstate and international specialists established to teach local and international Cardiologists, Radiologists and other physicians


Cardiac CT: CT Coronary Angiogram - CTCA:

Coronary Artery Disease, affects 1.4 million Australians, is a major cause of heart attack.

At Heartscan Australia, our CT aim is simple; to diagnose ischemic heart disease before it presents as sudden death or heart attack.

Heartscan Australia is at the forefront of the rapidly developing technology to diagnose IHD utilising the latest CT technology to ensure the best possible imaging at the lowest radiation dose.


Established in 2012, Medscan Merrylands was thrilled to have Australia’s first Siemens FLASH CT with stellar detectors. 


Now in 2023, we have the latest Siemens DRIVE scanner at both Medscan Merrylands and Medscan Barangaroo - one of the premium CT scanners for diagnosing IHD. These scanners produce exquisite imaging at the lowest dose possible even as low as a dose of a Chest X-Ray – our lowest dose at 5 DLP!

At Double Bay, we have the highly regarded Somatom go-Top with cardiac CT capabilities.

Such is our interest in cardiac imaging and our reputation, that we have for many years been one of  Australia's largest CTCA  providers and more importantly highly regarded by our peers.

At Heartscan, we welcome referring and other cardiologists to report studies. Through Heartscan Institute and Heartscan Australia, we support cardiologists to achieve and maintain ANZCTCA accreditation.

Cardiac MRI:

Heartscan Australia is a leading centre of cardiac MRI, lead by Dr Chi-Jen Hsu, Dr Preeti Choudhary and Professor Christian Hamilton-Craig. In addition to using conventional cardiac MRI imaging techniques to assess myocardial function, viability and congenital heart disease. Heartscan Australia is also equipped with Siemens latest MyoMap sequences available to select centres only in Australia and around the world. MyoMaps sequences enable further tissue characteristics assessment for cardiomyopathies and myocardial oedema. We are one of NSW's largest cardiac MRI providers.




CHD claims more lives than any other disease, responsible for more than one in ten of all deaths. 

This equates to CHD killing one person every half hour, or on average 50 people every day. 

After adjusting for population growth and age distribution, twice as many males die from coronary heart disease compared to females. 

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